Posted September 24, 2013

The NYS Internal Control Act-Growing Stronger Every Day!

The New York State Internal Control Association (NYSICA) is your source for information regarding the New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act. NYSICA provides free training and staff development to our member agencies in three areas: professional development, refresher training, and beginners orientation.

NYSICA serves New York State's agencies, authorities and commissions, as well as a growing web community comprised of over 400 participants from international, federal, state, and local governments. All are hands-on practitioners who strive to maintain and improve accountability in government.

New NYSICA Website Coming Soon

The NYSICA website is being redesigned in an effort to make meeting information and announcements more timely! During this transition, the Library will be contain limited resources. Stay tuned...

Message From the President

Welcome back for another year of NYSICA programming. The success of the 2014 Annual Spring Conference has provided the momentum for the beginning of my tenure as NYSICA's new President. I am excited and confident that I will be able to lead this organization to lofty goals. I have selected the theme “Risk Management” as our logo for this year.

NYSICA has grown over the past few years. Not too long ago the membership meetings were not held on a regular schedule; they were held every other month, once per quarter, or whenever possible. These meetings were attended by approximately 15 to 25 members working in the Capital District region only. Today, NYSICA hosts monthly meetings in the Capital District region which are broadcast to other locations such as Buffalo, Stony Brook, New York City and sometimes your local computer. The use of technology has assisted NYSICA in expanding its ability to raise the awareness of internal controls as far away as the Republic of China.

The past members of the NYSICA Board built a firm foundation that will allow this and future Boards to concentrate on strengthening the core of NYSICA. I and the 2014/2015 Board members are eager to provide NYSICA members with the quality of programs they have been accustomed to receiving. With your assistance, we will continue to provide relative programs. If there is a topic you would like NYSICA to pursue, please forward your comments or request to me or one of the Board members.

Please continue to support us in our endeavors to provide knowledge, awareness and solutions to control risk through risk management.

Dennis Holder
New York State Internal Control Association