Posted September 24, 2013

The NYS Internal Control Act-Growing Stronger Every Day!

The New York State Internal Control Association (NYSICA) is your source for information regarding the New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act. NYSICA provides free training and staff development to our member agencies in three areas: professional development, refresher training, and beginners orientation.

NYSICA serves New York State's agencies, authorities and commissions, as well as a growing web community comprised of over 400 participants from international, federal, state, and local governments. All are hands-on practitioners who strive to maintain and improve accountability in government.

New NYSICA Website Coming Soon

The NYSICA website is being redesigned in an effort to make meeting information and announcements more timely! During this transition, the Library and Newsletter Archives will be unavailable. Stay tuned...

December 2013 Message From the President

Jeez--what a year! Things are flying by at such a rapid pace and keeping up is so very hard. Actually, if you're like me, you are finding yourself slipping behind. (Really, who thought it was a good idea to have Thanksgiving so close to Christmas!)

Anyway, at least things are going well for NYSICA. This year has been outstanding, and we have definitely made a mark in our profession. We are just coming off a very successful joint venture with the AGA New York City Chapter. Our November conference in NYC was "sold out" with over 70 attendees, and the program received high accolades from all. Some of the presenters even stayed on to view other presentations. I could not be more pleased, and so many thank you's are due to so many, but one in particular I want to mention is Marie Farrington. She was the force behind the whole project and, without her it just could not have happened! Thanks so much, Marie, for helping NYSICA get its name out to the NYC contingent with such an amazing event.

Of course, we have had many other successes for the year including our Annual Conference back in April, kicked off by Pete Grannis, the First Deputy Comptroller of the New York State Comptroller's Office. While that may be a distant memory, the strength of that program has propelled NYSICA through the rest of the year, and it seems to be getting stronger with each passing month.

Before I go on too long, I do want to roll out financial statements for the period ended March 31, 2013. For those of you who attended the October monthly presentation, you were able to obtain a copy, but unfortunately I have not had a moment to put these statements out formally until now. (As I said before, I am definitely in catch-up mode!) See the "Newly Added" sidebar on this webpage for a link to NYSICA's balance sheet and income statement for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013. Consistent with prior years' activity, we are operating at a very slight deficit--roughly $570. The NYSICA Board goes to great lengths to provide top quality training and information at little to no cost, and this is reflected in minimal expenses. In that same vein, we did expend $300 to become a recognized provider for CPE's, and nearly all of you have taken advantage of that benefit. Overall, I think that for $50 from your respective agencies, you sure get a bang for your buck!

Also included in the "Newly Added" sidebar is a link to NYSICA's the operating budget for 2013/14. As you look over the budget, I want you all to keep in mind that our goal in NYSICA is to break even or operate at a loss, calling on NYSICA reserves to make up the difference. Our objective is essentially to give back the funds taken in. This year, most expenses are in line with those of the past, but one big difference is the Board has decided to pursue professional services for the NYSICA website. Thus far, NYSICA has done an excellent job of creating a central point for you to obtain internal control information in New York State. Our thanks go out to Kelly Gardineer for all the years of service that she has provided on the NYSICA site, all on her own time. She is the engine behind it all and the one that pulled it all together so many years ago. Unfortunately, managing this site and ensuring it remains current just takes so much effort and time. Rather than shortchanging you, the members, we decided that it would serve us all to seek some outside assistance. While we do not yet know how extensive this service will be, we want to allow for the potential of a costly effort. It is likely we will not even come close to the $4,500 we have allocated, but as I said, we want to make sure we allow for the service that will best meet the needs of NYSICA members. I admit that it looks a little scary, but we have very likely over estimated most of the expenses. For example, we allocated expenses for the NYC conference to be up to $2,500, but since by joining forces with AGA, NYSICA's actual cost looks to be closer to only half that estimate.

As always, if you have any questions on the financial statements or budget, feel free to contact me or any member of the Board, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

So what now? NYSICA's final quarter of the year starts January 1. We will have our next monthly meeting on January 30th so look for details to come out right after the holidays. We also will be knee deep in planning the annual conference tentatively slated for May 1st.

It will also be my final quarter of serving as Board President. I sure hope I can go out with a bang. With that being said, it is also time to start preparing for the next year. While I won't go through all the details now, in January NYSICA starts its process for nominations to the Board for the upcoming year and beyond. Dennis Holder is preparing to take the Presidential reins in April, and I believe we have at least two board vacancies as well; namely a President-Elect position and a Treasurer position.

After all the rush of the holiday season, I would ask that each of you take a little time to think about becoming an active part of NYSICA as we continue to build and broaden its reputation and influence. In addition to becoming part of the Board, we are always looking for help with the conferences, ongoing training activities, and other ongoing projects. I do not want to give away any secrets, but there are some big things coming in 2014 for NYSICA! Please consider being a part and assisting in any way you can.

On behalf of all the NYSICA Board members, I wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season. Thanks again, and I will see you all in the New Year.

Laurel Jolliffe
New York State Internal Control Association